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90% Sprunkle 10% Polyester

Because I can, damnit.

Queen of Bile
18 September 1987
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This journal is now friends-only. But you can still read most of what I'll post over at The Daily Protagitron. Am I a negative person? Looking at my journal (as I refuse to say blog; sounds like some sort of infection) the answer is: yes. Very, very much so. If you can take that, I'm here for the reading. Look in my memories for Bad Movie Week, the Sprunkies, which Globe and Mail columnists I hate, and most importantly, who'd be in my man-harem. The Crush of Doom is mentioned frequently, and all you need to know about that is that he's a certain soccer-playing boy who I had a long-running thing for. How long? Try six years. Plus a brief time in grade 2 before he moved away. Shudder.
When I'm not wasting my time on this infernally addictive place I try to get through my life. I'm a high school student from Canada who loves the country but hates (most) Canadians. So I'll probably end up living in the North, writing increasingly bizarre novels on a broken typewriter. I somehow find time to knit and read despite a keen addiction to soap operas and old movies.
I'm also single, so boys, snap me up while the going's good. Anyone? Anyone?
Right now I'm studying something at McGill University. I'll get back to you when I know what that is.